About Us




Vickky Hair and Beauty is an African Hair & Beauty store  based in Scotland. We pride ourselves in providing and sourcing the best quality products at an affordable price. 

Vickky Hair & Beauty has various collections of personal grooming, hair, hair care, and cosmetics products in store. Now our online store will deliver individuals all across the world. 

We have a variety of products across types that includes Hair Care, Skin Care & Black Beauty Products, Natural human hair wigs, Hair extensions, Hair braids, Synthetic hair extensions, Hairdryers, Human and Synthetic hair extensions, Black skincare products, Afro wigs, Weave, Braids, African American hair care product wholesale also, Braid hair, Hair Sprays, Oils, Serum, Balm, Moisturizers, Gel, Hair Dyes, Hair Relaxer, Creams, Lipstick, Eyes Care, Haircare appliance, Coloured women cosmetics, Hair Clippers, Shaver's, Trimmers, Blow Dryers, Steamers, Hair Tongs, Hair Straighteners, Perfumes, Black hairstyle, Afro Caribbean Makeup, Hair straightening Irons, European hair extensions, hairpieces.