Morgan’s Hair Darkening Pomade 100g

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Nearly a century and a half after first being introduced the elite hairdressers of London's West End, Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade still provides the same classic care with new techniques learned along the way. Designed specifically for grey and ageing hair, the rich and aromatic formula steadily darkens the hair shade over three to four weeks, gradually returning youth and vibrancy to your life. Still a great source of innovation, the pomade lets you create a bespoke style without resorting to dyes to get an even colour in the process.


Rub Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade well into the roots and evenly over the hair. Brush as usual. Apply daily until the desired colour is obtained, then continue as required.

Why it Works

Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade isn't a flash in the pan product. It's time tested and aims to be used regularly for a great result in only a few weeks. A formula including Wheat Germ Oil, a major source of Vitamin E, helps maintain the hair's condition and keeps it looking healthy and well groomed.